ps command in unix/linux

$ ps aux
timothy 29217 0.0 0.0 11916 4560 pts/21 S+ 08:15 0:00 pine
root 29505 0.0 0.0 38196 2728 ? Ss Mar07 0:00 sshd: can [priv]
can 29529 0.0 0.0 38332 1904 ? S Mar07 0:00 sshd: can@notty


USER = user owning the process
PID = process ID of the process
%CPU = It is the CPU time used divided by the time the process has been running.
%MEM = ratio of the process’s resident set size to the physical memory on the machine
VSZ = virtual memory usage of entire process (in KiB)
RSS = resident set size, the non-swapped physical memory that a task has used (in KiB)
TTY = controlling tty (terminal)
STAT = multi-character process state
START = starting time or date of the process
TIME = cumulative CPU time
COMMAND = command with all its arguments

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